When I am with a songwriter I listen, and watch very closely. It's not just the music, melody, and lyrics that tell the story. It is also the subtle changes in the artists movements and mood as they perform, or even talk about their songs and music. I take the time to get to know the artist, and their story before any production begins.

My studio, Muzartis is a living room type of setting. Comfortable and relaxed with all the tools to create and capture any musical inspirations and musings that may manifest. The artist I am working with must feel safe and at home so that they can create and express from a place of freedom.

Music production can be tedious for the artist and working with a "click track" can really challenge a songwriter, especially if they are unfamiliar with studio production. Being a songwriter my self with all the typical sensitivities of a creative mind and restless heart, I understand the emotional intensities as well as the frailties of the writers spirit. I give space for all of it and will even encourage an emotional release if I feel the artist is holding something back. It is my job to unlock the artists potential and help them create a true representation of their work. We take our time and do it right!

I seek to create long term collaborative relationships with the songwriters I work with. Everyone has a different approach to a melody or chord phrasing. Their is always a different way to interpret and convey the message. When we work together I welcome experimenting and I encourage both of us to expand each others creative visions. Let's create something unique in the sound. How can we make it more defined? Or even less defined? What would happen if we slowed it down or sped it up? Let's make it jazz hiphop punk! 

I love what I do and I am probably in my studio right now, so drop me a message and let's make some music!

Songwriter and Music Producer Steven Quiry